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To comply with British Standards a fire alarm must be serviced every six months but we recommend quarterly servicing. Our team provides a 24 hours a day, 365 days a year call out. At FIT our fully qualified BAFE engineers are on hand to manage clients through the fire alarm maintenance and servicing process from start to finish. Whether it is a new fire alarm, modifications needed to existing equipment or just general advice.

We also offer fire alarm testing services alongside our maintenance services for peace of mind. We will test the system as if there was a real fire to make sure the system reacts as it should if there was a real fire.

There is a wide range of fire alarm equipment available on the market and the FIT team is well placed to provide our clients the best advice and the optimum solution for their business needs.

We also hold a range of qualifications and memberships so you can feel assured that you’re in the hands of professionals. Our qualifications include ISO 45001, SafeContractor and FIRAS. We are also a member of the British Fire Services Association and an Achilles UVDB Silver Plus approved supplier.

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Ongoing, regular fire alarm maintenance contracts

As fire alarm testing and maintenance are required every 6 months we offer ongoing contracts with regular inspections of your system. This is designed to save you money compared to multiple one-off visits and stops those panics where you realise your testing is coming up. We can also support businesses with multiple premises and differing alarm systems by creating a regular testing and maintenance schedule.

With our dedicated team of fire alarm maintenance technicians, we can support a wide range of businesses and premises types. From small SMEs with a single, small office to large premises such as hospitals and schools we can make sure your system is working as it should be.

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What’s included in a fire alarm maintenance visit?

Our fire alarm maintenance visits are comprehensive and are designed to keep you compliant with the latest fire safety laws and best practice. After visiting your premises we will provide you with full written reports including recommendations and battery condition testing reports. We will also include advice on preventative maintenance for your alarm system as well as modifications and extensions to help further improve fire safety within your building.

As part of our fire alarm testing procedure we will review the following items:

  • The logbook will be examined for faults or false alarms as well as previous inspections.
  • A visual inspection will be conducted to check whether structural or occupancy changes have affected the system’s compliance.
  • The backup battery voltage will be measured and tested. If these fall outside of the manufacturer’s recommendations we will replace these.
  • The fire alarm functions such as a warning siren or a manual alarm point will be checked on at least one device per circuit.
  • If your system automatically alerts the fire service we will test this feature to make sure notifications are being sent.
  • The control panel and visual indicators such as LEDs and warning lights are tested.
  • Any further checks recommended by your alarm system manufacturer were applicable.
Fire Alarm System

Why Do Your Alarms Need Maintenance?

Other than complying with British Standards (BS 5839) fire alarm maintenance is an important part of keeping everyone in your building safe. Fire alarms can suffer wear and tear just like any other system, especially during periods of extended renovations and building work. Common faults that can occur within fire alarm systems include:

  • Ground faults in the alarm system
  • Circuit problems
  • Battery faults
  • Device failures

Fire Alarm Systems

There are three main types of fire alarm systems found in commercial premises and these are:


Conventional fire alarm systems are the most basic type of system out there and are generally used by businesses with smaller premises. These types of alarms create simple zones which can indicate which zone the fire is located.


Addressable fire alarm systems give each alarm, detector and manual call point a unique ID. When triggered you can see exactly where in the building the fire is located based on the unique ID.


Wireless fire alarm systems work in a similar fashion to an addressable fire alarm system however rather than relying on a wired connection they are battery-powered and communicate via radio waves.

At FIT we have experience in working with and maintaining all three types of fire alarm systems.

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