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If you are responsible for a building or any part of a commercial premises, it is vital to ensure all fire risk factors are addressed to help keep people as safe as possible. Regular fire risk assessments are required whenever significant changes to the business are made and are mandatory to keep your business compliant. At First Intervention Team we can provide fire risk assessments for the following types of buildings:

  • Flats
  • Residential properties
  • Factories and warehouses
  • Schools
  • Licensed premises
  • Care homes
  • Offices
  • Commercial buildings
  • Heritage buildings
  • Farms
  • Retail outlets

As fire risk assessments are such a key part of fire safety within your premises we have been accredited by a range of relevant organisations so you can be confident in the services we provide. These include achieving ISO 45001, SafeContractor, FIRAS, Achilles UVDB Silver Plus and we are members of the British Fire Services Association.

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Our team of fire risk assessors are highly qualified and regularly conduct refresher fire safety training to keep up to date with changes in fire legislation and best practice. They also have many years of experience conducting risk assessments across a range of building types. Our fire risk assessors will make sure that their assessments are carried out in an unobtrusive manner to keep business disruption to a minimum.

All of our fire risk assessments come with a detailed report outlining any identified fire hazards, existing control measures, deficiencies and remedial action required. We also propose safeguards to reduce risk and improve your existing fire safety strategy within the premises and work environment.

If you have multiple buildings that require fire risk assessment such as regional offices, or a head office with warehouses, we are able to provide discounts when assessing all of the premises.

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Landlord Fire Risk Assessments

Fire risk assessments are a legal requirement for many rental properties and it’s best practice for all rental properties to have regular fire risk assessments. At FIT we recommend following the NRLA recommendations which are as follows:

  • For most modern properties you should review your risk assessment every two years (as long as the building or number of tenants stays the same) and update it every four years or before your next tenants arrive.
  • For buildings over three stories and historical buildings, we recommend that risk assessments are reviewed annually and updated every three years.
  • We also recommend reviewing your fire risk assessment when there is a change of tenancy as kitchen appliances and white goods are commonly left behind by the old tenants. If the building undergoes any changes we recommend conducting a new fire risk assessment to pick up any new risks.

We currently work with a number of landlords to conduct fire risk assessments within their properties and we can offer discounts when visiting multiple properties. Our fire risk assessors also offer remedial work should anything be flagged during the risk assessment.

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Fire Risk Assessment Reviews

Once a fire risk assessment has been completed it is important to regularly review it to make sure it is up to date and accurate for the premises, this frequency is dictated by your building and its use.

We recommend that in high-risk buildings, such as warehouses with flammable materials, you review your fire risk assessment at least every 6 months. For low-risk buildings such as small business offices, we recommend that you review your fire risk assessment yearly.

For low-risk buildings, our assessors are happy to visit on a yearly basis to make sure your assessment is accurate and up to date. For higher-risk buildings, we are still able to visit however we would recommend that a fire responsible person is trained to manage the interim reviews as long as the building, the contents and the occupants remain the same.

During each fire risk assessment we will review, inspect and evaluate the following:

  • General information on the premises is reviewed including the number of floors, floor area and building construction.
  • General information on the people using the building including occupancy numbers and people at greater risk such as sleeping people, people with a disability and people who may not speak English.
  • The fire hazards present in the building including:
    • Electrical ignition sources
    • Arson/deliberate fires
    • Portable and static heaters
    • Cooking equipment
    • Dangerous substances
    • Any significant fire hazards
  • Evacuation strategies in place
  • Escape routes
  • Fire safety measures currently in place such as fire doors and compartmentation
  • Emergency lighting
  • Warning systems
  • Fire training for employees
  • Testing and maintenance of key fire safety equipment

A fire devastates the business and the lives of employees and many workplaces do not recover after a fire. Prevention makes sense and an effective fire safety strategy begins with assessing and understanding the risk.

At each step our team is making sure that your business, and your colleagues stay safe and are compliant.

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