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We deliver project maintenance programmes which meet the needs your business without compromising on safety

At First Intervention Team we are experts in risk & compliance, assessing, fixing and resolving complex projects from start to finish. We’re here to keep your business safe, compliant and FIT to trade.

Making sure that your business stays up to date with the latest legislation is essential as is managing risk so that your business is managed safely. Business does not stand still. The commercial environment constantly evolves as does the business risk and the legislative environment in which it operates. Keeping on top of all this is necessary, but time consuming. At First Intervention Team, our knowledge and expertise in risk and compliance takes the risk and compliance headache away from your business. Our team of professionals supports your business to identify the risk. We understand the complexity of your business to stay compliant.

First Intervention team has professional insight and experience from managing risk and compliance across a multitude of sectors. This professional but flexible approach allows our team to support your business effectively. We Fit in.

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