Resuscitator ensures that the operator does not have to make judgments on the lung capacity of the patient to select the tidal volume, this is instead done by simply selecting the basic size or type of patient being cared for. Once the unit has been set the Resuscitator will control both tidal volume and pulse frequency within the parameters laid down in the British Standards.

Even if the wrong setting is selected there is no risk of over inflating the patient’s lungs. The Resuscitator always ‘fails safe’ and will vent excess gas whilst giving the operator an audible warning that the equipment is not being used correctly.


  • Automatic mode delivers a specific exhalation/inhalation breathing programme
  • On recovery, the patients natural breathing is sensed and the automatic mode is over-ridden
  • If natural breathing lapses, the automatic mode resumes
  • Audible alarm sounds in event of airway blockage or patient over-pressurisation
  • Override trigger allows operator to deliver initial lung saturation

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