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In emergency situations, conditions can deteriorate rapidly. The air is suddenly filled with smoke or toxic fumes and rapid escape is the only available option. An escape set is simple to put on with a hood-based, positive-pressure breathing device, which utilises a simple, fail-safe reducer system with excellent flow characteristics. This provides a consistent rate of air flow until the cylinder is completely empty. Can be used with minimal training.

The CF10 Escape Set is highly visible and was designed to be suitable even for people with spectacles or facial hair. It is automatically activated on opening and begins feeding a continuous supply of breathing air. It is equipped with a cylinder which can holds a 10 minute supply of air and the flame-retardant hood incorporates a large visor for maximum peripheral vision. The Scott Saber Escape Set CF10 gives the wearer the precious additional time needed to exit the area safely.

The Scott Sabre Escape Set CF10 requires very little service or maintenance. A transparent window on both the soft bag and hard case lets you check the cylinder pressure gauge easily without unpacking the unit.


  • Allows safe, effective and uncomplicated escape from hazardous environments
  • Compact and lightweight and can be worn either as a chest bag or over the shoulder
  • Made from highly resistant materials
  • Washable, flame retardant and allows water to drain freely
  • Highly visible, even under adverse conditions
  • Can be easily wall-mounted in strategic locations in potentially hazardous areas
  • Both black anti-static cases or bright orange bags feature photo-luminescent panels and reflective stripes for enhanced visibility
  • Comes with an alarm whistle sounds before the air supply is exhausted
  • The cylinder holds a 10 minute supply of air
  • Flame-retardant hood incorporates a large visor for maximum peripheral vision
  • Low maintenance protection and minimal training required
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