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Rail Gauge


We have a full range of equipment to conduct rail inspections and accurate clearance measurements.

Railways are essential components of the global economy and infrastructure. Throughout their life cycle, Rail Operators demand efficient approaches to planning, construction, operations, maintenance and expansion. These applications call for innovative solutions for measurement and information management.

The gauge self-locates on the track and can be operated from a position of safety using a Bluetooth connection. X/Y co-ordinate points are measured using a laser which rotates through 360°.

Units have been designed to be user-friendly and lightweight for easy transportation. Data can be recorded and compatible with MS Excel and Clear Route.


  • Speed and precision in measurement operations
  • Accurate, reliable information on track and facilities
  • Optimised utilisation of rail assets
  • Increased efficiency in planning, design & construction
  • Reduced downtime for measurement & maintenance
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