Health & Safety Audits

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Health and Safety Audits

FIT are proud to provide a full Health and Safety audit service. We are able to tailor out Health and Safety support to any size organisation. Proper HSE can be a confusing and overwhelming undertaking, which is why our trained and accredited assessors can get you on track. We take the pain out of your compliance by providing qualified Health & Safety consultants. 

Our Health, Safety and Environment audits will help guide your organisation best practise. With a wealth of experience, our highly trained and accredited team of HSE auditors will ensure your organisation navigates the latest changes in best practise and HSE legislation.

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What is a Health and Safety Audit?

A Health and Safety audit is a methodical assessment of an organisations HSE system and processes. The assessment should measure a businesses Health and Safety standards against best practises to protect the safety of anyone working in that environment.

    Do I need a Health and Safety Audit?

    It is easy to think ‘I’ve got a Health and Safety policy and thats enough’. However, a proper HSE audit is important to ensure your organisation is safe now and into the future. Risks and hazards are constantly evolving and you as a business need to adapt and grow to meet them.  An audit will help to:

    • Reduce or remove risks of injury and loss of life
    • Protect the business from damage and loss of earnings
    • Increase employee moral with a visible HSE plan
    • Offer reassurance to customers 

    What does a HSE audit do?

    Simply put, it saves lives and protects organisations. A Health and Safety audit will assess the strength and weaknesses of the current HSE system. Is the system fit for purpose? An audit will also Identify and record potential hazards and risks allowing you to plan for and reduce identified risks.

    Do I need a professional Health and Safety Audit?

    Health and Safety needs are ever changing and growing for small, SME and large organisations. As HSE evolves and legislation is updated, it can become confusing and leaves businesses at risk of falling out of best practise. You need to appoint a competent person who will take responsibility for your organisations Health and Safety. This is where a professional Health and Safety Audit can help and allow you to engage in a qualified contractor to act as your legally competent person.

    Who can do a Health and Safety Audit?

    A competent person independent of the part of the organisation being audited. For example, a machine operator shouldn’t audit their machine workshop. Preventing any bias. To ensure an independent audit, many businesses engage with an external auditor like First Intervention Team. 

    Health and Safety Audit process:

    • Initial meeting with stakeholders/relevant members of staff
    • Site visit with access route and operational walk throughs
    • Record and document any active or potential hazards or risks
    • Rate and prioritse all identified risk factors
    • Assess review process
    • Evaluate and produce recomendations and audit report
    • Reconsilation meeting to review the audit report

    First Intervention Team HSE Audit Benefits

    • Full turnkey HSE service
    • 24/7 advice and assistance
    • A local, qualified Health & Safety Consultant as your dedicated point of contact
    • Auditors with expertise in your industry
    • We will act as your legally required Competent Person
    • Legal expense insurance pays for any legal costs in the event you need to defend a prosecution
    • Access to a web-based risk management system

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