Fire Risk Assessments

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Fire Risk Assessments

If you are responsible for a building or any part of a commercial premise, it is vital to ensure all fire risk factors are addressed to help keep people as safe as possible. It is your legal duty to carry out a details fire risk assessment. Your actions will save lives and protect the workforce.

A fire risk assessment is a key part in any Health and Safety Assessment. For each fire risk assessment we will inspect, evaluate and propose safeguards to reduce risk and improve your fire strategy within the premises and work environment.

What is a Fire Risk Assessment?

A Fire Risk Assessment is a systematic audit of your risk of fire hazards design to minimise the probability of fire. A full Fire Risk Assessment will identify safety hazards that could cause danger and loss of life. The intention of any Fire Risk Assessment is to understand potential fire risks and put measures in place to mitigate those risks. 

Do I need a Fire Risk Assessment?

It is a legal requirement to identify fire risks and hazards. Doing so will keep people safe and protect the workforce, the workplace and the business. 

If your place of work or business has five or more people working at your premises, you  will need your Fire Risk Assessment to be a written record. Regular assessments are required and whenever significant changes are made a new assessment will need to be carried out as a legal requirement.

A fire can devastate a business and the lives of those working there. Many workplaces do not recover after a fire. An effective fire strategy begins with assessing and understanding the risks. 

Who is responsible for a Fire Risk Assessment?

Employers, business owners, landlord and occupiers of a premises that aren’t a private home are responsible to make sure a Fire Risk Assessment is in place. Anyone in control of the premises is known as a ‘responsible person’ and will need to ensure that a suitably competent person completes a detailed and updated Fire Risk Assessment. 

How to conduct a Fire Risk Assessment?

  1. Fire Hazards – Identify any potential fire hazards
  2. People At Risk – Clearly identify people at risk
  3. Evaluate and Act – Assess and remove or reduce any risks
  4. Record, Plan and Train – Record hazards, risks and actions, prepare a fire strategy with evacuation routes that address any fire risks
  5. Review – Update the fire risk assessment regularly and after any major changes

Who can do a Fire Risk Assessment?

This will change depending on your business type and size. Below is a quick guide on who needs a fire risk assessment and who can conduct it.

Large and complex organisations

Larger and more complex organisations should contact an expert to produce their Fire Risk Assessment.

Small or SME organisations

Small businesses can produce a Fire Risk Assessment if they don’t have any complex risk factors. If you don’t have the expertise or time to do a proper fire risk assessment yourself, you should use a specialist to do so for you. See the government website for more information on what is required.

Heritage Buildings

We strongly recommend anyone responsible for a museum, historical building, heritage site or gallery to have their fire risk assessment carried out by a competent assessor. Your assessment will need to take into account the additional hazards of fire safety within heritage buildings and their increased risks and limitations. 

During a Fire Risk Assessment, our technicians will assess the adequacy of the following:

  • Fire safety management.
  • Control of highly flammable substances.
  • Fire hazards and ignition sources.
  • Means of escape.
  • Electrical safety, plant and processes.
  • Fire warning – detection systems and maintenance.
  • Portable fire fighting equipment and maintenance.
  • Fixed fire fighting installations and maintenance.
  • Facilities and access for the fire service.
  • Emergency lighting installations and maintenance.
  • Fire doors, shutters and glazing.
  • Planning, training and instruction in fire safety.
  • Fire safety signs and symbols.
  • Arson prevention and security.

Fire Risk Assessment Advice

Each fire risk assessment shall contain advice on establishing a re-inspection programme. This shall have regard to the use, management and conditions found during the appraisal. Such recommendations shall be site specific.

In addition, a Helpline direct to your consultant to answer any follow-up questions and would be happy to assist you with electronic versions of forms. Written emergency procedures that you will need to prove compliance to the enforcing authorities will be provided.

A fire risk assessment should be reviewed annually or upon any change of use or occupation of premises. First Intervention Team will provide this review service to comply with your timescales.

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