Fire Hydrants

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Fire Hydrants are used by the fire brigade to provide a supply of water within the vicinity of an incident. Although the majority of Fire Hydrants are located within the public sector and maintained by the fire brigade and local water companies, at First Intervention we work very closely with the industrial sector where fire hydrants are located within privately owned land.

Fire hydrant systems are a very important tool required by any industry or manufacturing plant to control on fire in the cases of emergencies. Basically, a fire hydrant system contains of the water pressurising system which is distributed throughout the building using pipes and hoses.

At FIT we are experts in the use, maintenance and assessment of fire hydrants and fire hydrant systems you may have. Where a hydrant system is to be used in conjunction with mobile fire pumps due consideration needs to be given to facilitating adequate access and manoeuvring space for vehicles together with hard standing with adequate load bearing capability.

FIT Fire Hydrant
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