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Evacuation Training Courses

We offer bespoke Evacuation Training courses designed to the requirements of your premises, this can be as an add-on to the fire warden training or as a stand alone course.

The Evacuation Procedures Training Course is designed around your current fire policy and evacuation procedure to be effective for the challenges faced by all industries. The training course will provide all staff with suitable and sufficient knowledge to enable them to manage the safe evacuation of fire zone areas.

This effective evacuation training course provides an overview of workplace emergency procedures, building fire safety systems and common fire safety equipment. It has been developed to provide the learner with an understanding of why evacuations take place, what occurs during an emergency and their responsibilities concerning evacuation.

Course Content

This course covers:

  • Overview of emergency procedures
  • Building fire safety systems, preparation strategies and fire prevention
  • Fire safety equipment maintenance and use
  • Emergency roles & responsibilities
  • Emergency protection systems
  • Emergency warning systems
  • Responding to an emergency
  • Actions to take during an emergency.
  • Current policies and procedures

Who should take this course?

This course is aimed at all levels, as everyone should know the emergency procedures for their workplace.