Breathing Air Trolley Set 9L Cylinder & Flyte


These portable trolley units are particularly appropriate where constant, medium term breathing protection is required, especially in restricted or difficult to access areas where a self-contained set would be too restrictive and/or generate too much fatigue.

It can be set up for one or two operators and will be supplied with up to two hip mounted airline escape sets featuring a whistle warning unit, a quick release hose coupling and a ten minute reserve cylinder. The hose reel is equipped with a winding handle to allow the hose to be easily re-wound onto the reel after use. Outgoing hose distribution is controlled via a braking system in order to prevent unnecessary winding and potential entanglement.


  • 50m of anti-static hose
  • If set up for two operatives it is then also supplied with a Y-piece connector to connect the 50m hose to two further 10m lengths of anti-static hose so each operator has unrestricted movement
  • Supplied complete with two 9 litre 207 bar cylinders which gives 1 user an optimum working time of 90 minutes without a cylinder change
  • Cylinder rotation exchange by the Top Man can occur whilst in use to enable continual supply
  • Additional cylinders available
  • Low pressure warning whistle on trolley and escape sets
  • Trolley can be easily re-positioned on-site

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