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by Luke Hayes on 8th October 2022

Fire safety in the workplace is now a responsibility for all UK business owners with non-domestic premises of trade. This is part of the change in the regulatory reform order of 2005 which combined lots of older legislations.

Fire Risk Assessments are now a major part of this fire safety order and you must make sure a regular assessment is carried out on your premises to maintain a high level of safety. The order does not state who should perform the assessment, however it does state that the individual must be a competent person and that some basic fire safety knowledge would be very beneficial.

This opens up the chance for you to perform the assessment yourself and while this would be the simplest and cheapest option. However, if you lack fire safety knowledge then you may miss some of the risks, causing your employees and premises to be at a higher risk from fire.

If you feel that your fire safety knowledge could be better an alternative measure could be to hire a fire consultant. This would be the most advisable option as a professional fire consultant has advanced knowledge and has been trained in conducting fire risk assessments and the prevention of fire.

When you hire a fire safety consultant you can rest assured that any fire hazards on your premises would be removed and that safety precautions would be put in place to prevent any new risks from occurring. The only downside is that it can be costly to continually hire a professional.

Fire Warden Training could be the best choice for you and your business, especially SMEs. A fire consultant could visit your premises and train a member of your staff in fire safety meaning you would then have a trained warden on duty at your premises that could perform a regular Fire Risk Assessment for your business.

They could then generate and manage a fire plan for your business to ensure that your employees and building stay free from the risk of fire. As well as this they can generate evacuation plans in case of an emergency.

If you’re looking for fire warden training or want to hire a specialist fire consultant then get in touch with the F.I.T team.


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