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One of the most effective ways to accomplish a health and safety audit is to carry out a compliance audit. This examines the current approach to Health & Safety management and identifies areas for improvement. This does not necessarily have to be a formal affair; an audit can be as formal or informal to suit the company. An audit can either be carried out internally or by an outside, independent auditor.

There are many benefits to conducting a Health & Safety audit. One is to confirm the current performance of your company compared with national standards, and the best practice among similar organisations, such as:

  • To make sure that the business is compliant with up-to-date Health & Safety Training and regulations and other applicable codes of practice.
  • Ensure there are robust systems are in place to manage risks, protect the workforce and prevent accidents from happening.
  • To confirm that adequate systems are in place to monitor compliance and review the management techniques regularly.
  • To ensure that the risk profile of the business is up to date, reflected in the risk management strategy, and that a procedure is in place for it to be updated regularly.
  • To give the business unbiased information about how effective and efficient its current Health & Safety Training techniques are.
  • To assess whether policies, procedures and duties are clearly set out and obtainable to employees, and to confirm whether the business provides appropriate training.
  • To understand whether there is a positive culture surrounding Health & Safety within the business and whether policies are being consistently complied with.
  • To identify areas of strength and areas where the current process could be improved, and to assist in the development of an action plan to implement those improvements according to best industry practice.
  • To make sure that the business is in a powerful position to be able to successfully defend itself in the event of a serious incident leading to a legal claim.
  • To evaluate the current investment in Health & Safety Training and identify feasible opportunities for the business to accomplish better value for money in this area of its operating budget.
  • To improve the Health & Safety performance and well being amongst employees.
  • To enhance productivity and reduce rates of worker absenteeism, injuries, accidents and the potential cost of litigation.

At F.I.T we can offer compliance audits for all types of businesses and all of our audits are fully trained and are up to date with all the current health and safety legislation.

Take a look at our health and safety compliance audits as well as individual health and safety training courses.


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