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First Intervention Team Assessments

First Intervention provide a range of Health and Safety assessments through our highly qualified assessors. Our assessors are sensitive to the operational continuity of your business and will ensure their presence is non-intrusive but extremely thorough. We can provide comprehensive assessment reports and recommendations including sensible advice on remedial works required.

Legal guidelines state that a Fire Risk Assessment must be carried out by a ‘competent person,’ First Intervention have multiple fire risk consultant’s competent to undertake fire risk assessments ranging from COMAH sites, multi-story high rise building, hospitals, offices, shops and restaurants. All our fire risk consultants’ competences include, NEBOSH Fire safety & Risk management, Graduate IFE (GIFireE), Occupancy in the fire service, FDIS DipFD and more.

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First Intervention Team Assessment Summaries

Fire Risk Assessment

Following the regulatory Reform Fire Safety order in 2005, if you are in control of any part of a commercial premises you are under a legal obligation to carry out a detailed fire risk assessment, identifying risks and hazards on the premises. A fire risk assessment is essential in keeping your premises safe for everyone. For each fire risk assessment we will inspect, evaluate and recommend safeguards necessary to reduce risk and improve fire safety arrangements within the premises.

Subsequent reporting procedure will prioritise and identify significant findings in a fire risk assessment, good practice and inform of any non-compliance of fire safety legislation.

Fire Risk Assessment – items identified:

Any fire risk assessment items identified as presenting an imminent risk of danger and/or major defect that could result in enforcement action being taken against the client will be immediately reported to you via the telephone system and subsequently, in writing by the quickest practical method i.e. letter or email.

Each fire risk assessment will assess the adequacy of the following:-

  • Fire safety management.
  • Control of highly flammable substances.
  • Fire hazards and ignition sources.
  • Means of escape.
  • Electrical safety, plant and processes.
  • Fire warning – detection systems and maintenance.
  • Portable fire fighting equipment and maintenance.
  • Fixed fire fighting installations and maintenance.
  • Facilities and access for the fire service.
  • Emergency lighting installations and maintenance.
  • Fire doors, shutters and glazing.
  • Planning, training and instruction in fire safety.
  • Fire safety signs and symbols.
  • Arson prevention and security.

Fire Risk Assessment Report. The reporting format will highlight where appropriate any alternative control methods and British Standard recommendation on maintenance and servicing of active systems that may unduly impact on the suitability of an installation. We will clearly identify areas of remedial action by reference to each individual item i.e. door and location.

Informal discussions on recommendations contained in any report is welcomed and should be encouraged.

Fire Risk Assessment Advice

Each fire risk assessment shall contain advice on establishing a re-inspection programme. This shall have regard to the use, management and conditions found during the appraisal. Such recommendations shall be site specific.

In addition, a Helpline direct to your consultant to answer any follow-up questions and would be happy to assist you with electronic versions of forms. Written emergency procedures that you will need to prove compliance to the enforcing authorities will be provided.

A fire risk assessment should be reviewed annually or upon any change of use or occupation of premises. First Intervention Team will provide this review service to comply with your timescales.

Fire Doors Inspections

Just like other life safety devices, fire doors and final escape doors need inspection and maintenance to ensure that they will perform as intended in a fire.

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order places this obligation with you. FIT’s dedicated Fire Door Inspection technicians provide you with a comprehensive report, covering these elements:

  • Door leaf
  • Door frame
  • Door closer (self-closing devices)
  • Hinges
  • Glazing (vision panels)
  • Fire safety signage
  • Hold open devices
  • Panic hardware devices
  • Gaps around doors and thresholds
  • Intumescent door strips
  • Cold smoke seals


First Intervention Team Fire Door Assessment

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Health & Safety Support

FIT are proud to provide our full HSE Turnkey service for many large and high-risk organisations. We take the confusion out of their Health & Safety compliance; provide the tools to create their risk assessments; get them on-track and keep them up-to-date on the latest legislation, saving time with our online tools. In addition, they call us for advice at anytime 24/7.

  • A local, qualified Health & Safety Consultant as your dedicated point of contact with expertise in your industry
  • We will act as your legally required Competent Person
  • Legal expense insurance pays for any legal costs in the event you need to defend a prosecution
  • Access to a web-based risk management system

Fire Strategy

Fire strategy is recommended for all new and existing “complex” buildings irrespective of age, method of construction or materials used.

Whatever the requirements First Intervention consultants have the knowledge, experience and technical training to ensure that the customers objectives are achieved in the most cost-effective manner.

The fire strategy would typically focus on the following issues:

  • Evacuation Routes
  • Fire rating of walls, doors, floors and structure
  • External fire spread issues
  • Facilities for firefighting

A First intervention fire consultant will attend site and assess the available fire safety management, prevention and protection information to produce a single retrospective fire safety document based on The Building Regulations (Approved Document B) and reference BS9999.

Our fire strategy’s provides the level of detail required to satisfy the Building Authority that the building has protective strategies in place to ensure it can be occupied safely. This document will enable the Landlord, fire assessor and other interested parties to understand the building construction and associated inherent fire safety precautions and how these elements interacts.

Major Incident Scenario Planning and Execution

First Intervention Team are time-served members of the COMAH Exercise Planning Group and help our clients plan, execute and facilitate ‘full mission’ Major Incident Scenarios. Our level of collaboration is industry leading and ensures we fully understand your business and its requirements.

We’ll invest in your business by spending time with you and all relevant stakeholders to ensure your Major Incident aligns with all relevant legislation and is relevant to the specific sensitivities of your operation. However, its our experience across many high risk industries that allows us cross-pollinate best practice into your organisation.

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